Where CBD Comes From

There is plenty of confusion in the marketplace about what the correct use of CBD products is.

For many entrepreneurs and consumers, there is a skepticism that precludes their interest in Cannabinoid related businesses. Some of this skepticism is a result of misinformation or misunderstanding regarding CBD products. More often, though, there is a desire for more transparency that doesn’t usually exist in the market today.

At Landrace, we’re a science and research-driven manufacturer of CBD products. So, it’s pertinent that our customers and partners understand where products come from and what they do. To that end, we’ve laid out the sourcing process for CBD products below:

1. Creating and Cloning

Growing and cloning particular strains of hemp plants is where the journey begins. There are a variety of strains and formulas cultivated for many different applications or intended effects. Growers and hemp engineers will work on growing a particular strain until they meet specific criteria or sought after conditions. Then, they may use a cloning process to duplicate the particular genetic composition to ensure larger production capacity.

2. Farming

Before planting, analytic soil tests are run to ensure a healthy and pesticide-free crop can grow. Armed with their strain of choice, farmers then go to work harvesting the plant and providing it with the proper conditions to dry appropriately. Like any crop, harvesting must occur at the right time based on the particular plant and external conditions such as temperature, soil quality, rainfall, and others.

Once harvested, the plant must immediately go through a drying process. There are differing opinions on how the plant should be dried, though the ideal temperature for drying and curing is 70 degrees at 60% humidity.

3. Extracting (This is US!)

Following harvest, dried and cured biomass will be analytically tested to ensure potency and purity of the ingredients before shipment to an extractor. At Landrace, we work directly with our farms in genetic selection, soil testing, and field testing through shipment of biomass. We extract the biomass into concentrated oils and offer full-spectrum oils, as well as THC remediation for broad-spectrum oils. Additional processing methods are also available for nano-emulsified and water-soluble specific products. Finally, Landrace also offers R&D and formulation services where we work with clients to develop unique and specific products. From soil to oil, Landrace gives transparent records of testing in-house as well as with 3rd party testing verification.

4. Distributing (This is YOU!)

Following all of this genetics, cloning, farming, extraction, and testing, it’s finally your time. Our clients and partners take our products and utilize them in a variety of ways, including new product development, retail distribution, and more.

All in all, the process for sourcing CBD is a straightforward one. When tethered to a reliable partner like Landrace, you can formulate new products and brands with full confidence that you’re using the highest quality product available.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process or have a specific question around your product needs; please feel free to reach out via this link.